Privacy Policy
No Maps Committee Admin Office (hereinafter referred to as “No Maps”) is committed to recognize the importance of personal information, to comply with related laws and regulations and to make effort to protect personal information based on the following policies.

1. Management Framework for Personal Information Protection

Spotrights is committed to protect personal information by designating a privacy officer, following the regulations of Personal Information Law of Japan, and to endeavor to help ensure appropriate management of personal information as instructed by the officer.

2. Collection and Intended Use of Personal Information

Spotrights collects personal information in an appropriate manner that we specify the purpose of use of information and contacts of inquiries in advance. We use obtained personal information only to the appropriate extent. Prior consent of the parents or guardian may be necessary when the individual is under the age of 16.

3. Disclosure to Third Parties

Spotrights will not provide personal information to any third party without advance consent of the individual, except where such disclosure is in accordance with or required by applicable law. If the individual hopes to discontinue providing personal information to the third parties, please contact Spotrights. We will respond to such request to the reasonable extent after taking necessary procedures such as identity verification of the individual or the individual’s agent.

4. Supervision over Contractors

When Spotrights consigns the maintenance of personal information to an external company, we make efforts to protect the information by obligating the company hold in the contract and make appropriate protection measures from such risks as leak, copying, and further transmission from the contractor to other third parties by repeating subcontracted work. We also take all necessary measures to manage and supervise such contractors for protection of personal information.

5. Appropriate Storage of Personal Information

Spotrights takes the appropriate and necessary act to keep obtained personal information correct and updated, and also takes necessary management measures to protect such information from illegal access, loss, falsification and leakage.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

When Spotrights is requested by an individual to disclose, correct, delete, terminate the use of or erase the contents of the information and halt the supply of data, we will respond to such request to the reasonable extent without delay after taking necessary procedures such as identity verification of the individual or the individual’s agent. Please note that there are some cases that we cannot respond to the requests.

7. Observance of Law and Review of Privacy Policy

Spotrights abides by the laws and regulations of Japan pertaining to the protection of personal information and continues to review and makes efforts to improve our privacy policy.

8. Complains and Inquiries Contact Concerning Personal Information

Please feel free to contact Spotrights if you have any comments, queries or concerns regarding our privacy policy.

Contact to: No Maps Committee Admin Office